Chocolate Truffles Made To Order

Indulgence by Ryan Truffles are available in 3 flavours.

  • White chocolate with a coffee flavour infused ganache,

  • Dark chocolate with an orange flavour infused  ganache

  •  Milk chocolate with a caramel flavour infused ganache.

Truffles can be made with an edible design print or with your corporate logo.

We have a variety of different shapes to suit your occasion or theme.

Minimum order of 6 truffles of the same flavour and design sheet £15.00


 minimum order of 12 truffles if you want 3 assorted flavours and one design sheet £30.00


or a minimum order of 24 truffles for a corporate logo or specific design £60.00. 

Boxes of truffles can be shipped anywhere in the UK for an additonal charge of £5.00 including packaging in a beautiful chocolate box and ribbon in a colour of your choice with a personal message.

Caramel, orange and coffee flavourted truffles
Caramel Flavoured Milk Chocolate Truffles
Coffee flavoured Milk chocolate truffles
Orange flavoured Dark Chocolate truffles
Corporate logo printed caramel truffles